2015 - 2016 Results

Bennell back to Best at Hampshire Masters Championships 

A Masters County Championships post the pandemonium of a domestic European event was always set to be an interesting affair. Athletes timing their peak performances to precision to square up against the best of the continent lead to inevitable questions…would many be on form a month later? Would their focus change? Would many, dare I say it, even be bothered? I suppose you could say it was a little bit of all three.

It’s Pro-Europe for Southampton Masters!

There’s certainly been enough written in the press the last few months about the intransigence of Cameron vs Johnson concerning the future of the continent, with poignant and contrasting remarks from both sides – but from the view of sport, there is certainly more of a cohesion in the spirit of fair play and competition.

Success for Southampton in Swansea

The City of Southampton Swimming Club took their strength all the way to Swansea on the 13th through to the 15th with a team of eighteen swimmers.

Jones and Ball ship-shape ahead of Europeans

It’s getting ever closer. The Masters European Championships are taking place in little under a month’s time – new jammers and costumes ordered, hoodies designed, and numerous last minute orders for copious pairs of goggles! It was bound to happen!