Medals Galore at the Salisbury Open Meet

Well done to all the swimmers that competed at the Salisbury Stingrays Open Meet this weekend. What a great set of results from the 41 CSSC swimmers that traveled to compete in Salisbury.

This was a good Open Meet for CSSC, which was really well run and one that we shall look to place on the calendar next year. The major objective this weekend was to gain race experience, especially for the younger swimmers and put into practice the points we have been working on in training to enable us to race fast. With CSSC swimmers achieving over 150 Personal Best Times I believe the objectives were achieved!

Firsty, a special mention to our CSSC parents, many of which gave their time to help officiate at this competition, thank you. Thanks are also due to Assistant Coach Jessica Farmer and Team Manager Julie Manning, who worked hard over the course of the day to support me and make the day a huge success. Overall the team bagged an amazing 56 medals, a good day at the pool! The team atmosphere on pool deck was very good with many CSSC swimmers supporting and urging on every swimmer – it is always nice to see the younger swimmers cheer on their team mates!

So where to start, and this is going to be a long list! Congratulations to: 9 year old Livia Day, who not only achieved 2 Gold medals (50m Butterfly, 100m Backstroke) and 2 Silver Medals (50m Free & 50m Backstroke), Livia also pb’d in all 6 races. Team mate 9 year old Gabrielle Martin swam very well achieving 1 Silver Medal (100m Backstroke) and 2 Bronze Medals (100m Free and 50m Backstroke). 9 year old Evie Smith along with Livia and Gabrielle were competing in their first Open Meet and they did themselves proud with many personal best times. 12 year olds girls, Jess Milligan and Ellie Raymond, put into practice the skills we have been learning in training to win 10 medals between them. Jess winning 2 Gold Medals (50m Free & 50m Butterfly) 4 Silver Medals (100m Free, 50m & 100m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly) and a Silver in the 50m Breaststroke. Ellie Raymond stepped up to win 2 x Gold Medals (50m Breaststroke & 100m Butterfly) and 1 x Bronze Medal (50m Backstroke) 13 year Sophie Barton, swam very consistently all day gaining a very good Bronze in the 100m Backstroke with a very good personal best time.

14 year old Neve Day, took advantage of the racing available to her winning 2 x Gold Medals in the 50m & 100m Breaststroke and swimming her best 50m Freestyle since arriving at the club. Team Mate Courtney Willsher (14yrs) claimed Gold (50m Butterfly), Silver (100m Butterfly) and Bronze (100m Ind Medley) and again the fastest 50m Freestyle of her life! Zara Manning (14yrs) continues to improve achieving a huge personal best in her 100m Breaststroke and a really good Silver medal. 14 year old Poppy Smith was certainly in the mood for racing – breaking the 30 second barrier for 50m Freestyle and gaining a Bronze and going close to breaking 40 seconds in the 50m Breaststroke and again achieving another Bronze. 11 year old Emerson White, recently back from a broken finger did really well winning a Silver medal in the 100m Butterfly, hopefully this will give him the confidence to applying himself in training - still further.

11 year old Jake Smith, raced tough this weekend gaining 7 personal best times and a Bronze Medal in the 100m Backstroke. It was great to see Katie Smith and 11 year olds William Boyes & Marley Harris compete in an away Open Meet for the first time. 12 year old Dominik Kozak, achieved very good personal best times and 2 Gold medals (50m & 100m Breaststroke) and a Silver medal (50m Backstroke). 13 year old Evan Harris, who I believe is just starting to make the link between what you do in training is reflected raced, did very well over the 6 races he did. Evan won 3 Gold Medals (100m Free, 50m & 100m Backstroke) 2 x Silver Medals (50m Free & 50m Butterfly) and one Bronze (50m Breaststroke).

13 year old team mate Luke Martin achieved 4 personal best times winning 2 x Gold Medals (50m & 100m Butterfly), 1 x Silver Medal (100m Freestyle) and 1 x Bronze Medal (50m Freestyle). 14 year old Elwyn Lee-Mitchell, has had a very good year and we now know that Elwyn has qualified for 1 x British National Event (50m Backstroke) and 2 x English National Events (100m Butterfly and 200m Individual Medley). Using this meet to work on skills and speed Elwyn gained 2 x Gold Medals in both 100m Backstroke and 100m Butterfly in personal best short course times.

14 year old Tom Jesson, seems to have swam personal best after personal best this season. This weekend being no different Tom very well and at long last achieved a podium positions - a well deserved Gold in the 50m Butterfly, Silver in the 100m Backstroke and 2 Bronze medals (100m Freestyle and 100m Ind Medley) 15 year old Jack Barton, despite currently sitting his GCSE’S Jake also achieved podium positions winning 2 Silver medals (50m & 100m Breaststroke) and a Bronze medal (100m Freestyle).

Full results from the meet are available to view on the Salisbury Stingrays Swimming Club website.

As mentioned previously I was pleased with the team’s commitment at this meet, which we must carry forward to all competitions. There is no doubting it – we swam well this weekend. Well done to all our swimmers who competed this weekend. The primary objective now is to take this positive success forward into the future to County, Regional and yes National level. Remember we train to compete – we compete ultimately to win!

David Terry
Head Coach