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13 Medals for Southampton at Derventio eXcel Open Meet

City of Southampton Swimming Club continue to achieve success at the Derventio eXcel LC Open Meet this weekend in Sheffield.

A great weekend for City of Southampton swimming Club

City of Southampton swimming club have once again proved themselves at the Bournemouth Open Meet this weekend. Competing with a group of only fifteen swimmers CSSC earned an impressive 6 gold, 11 silver, and 5 bronze and a grand total of 56 personal bests (pbs), a very impressive number for such a small group of swimmers.

Sheffield simmers ahead of European Masters in May

2016 is certainly racing by for Masters, as spring approaches competitors suddenly realise that in little over a month’s time they’ll be participating in the largest, most prestigious event ever held on British soil. An uneasy medley of emotions, from excitement, to apprehension, to mild/moderate panic start to flow…but you tell yourself ‘one race at a time’! For Southampton, that meant the small matter of dealing with the second-most prestigious event of the calendar – Long Course Nationals! 

Regional records for Jones and more medal metal for Farmer

The month of May rapidly approaches, and for British Masters means only one thing – enter every available long course competition around ahead of what is set to be the largest event ever held on home soil for the sport – the European Masters Championships!