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Ten Titles for Southampton Masters at Record-breaking Regionals

It’s that wonderful rush towards the end of the calendar year when Masters competitions fall thick and fast. Post the later-summer lull, attention is drawn to the last major event of the season – Short-Course Nationals…and as a result, attendance at the intermediary South East Regionals at Guildford is always fairly high, as the chance for some last-minute race preparation rarely gets squandered.

Success at the First Weekend of Development Meet

The Development Meet’s first weekend was successful for CSSC swimmers who had an extremely confident and positive weekend; shaving a vast amount of seconds off of entry times, and therefore gaining a mountain of personal best times. The programme saw 9 and 10 year old girls and boys complete the Saturday (Day 1) Sessions 1 and 2, with the 11 and 12 year old girls and boys completing the Sunday (Day 2), Sessions 3 and 4, leaving those under 12 year old swimmers with next weekend to finish off all of the events. On the other hand, the 13 and 14-year-old girls and boys completed their two days of competition this weekend, competing on both the Saturday and the Sunday and all the events for their age of the competition.

Record numbers, record medals….silver lining at Masters County Championships

Another year, another titanic showdown at the Hampshire Masters Championships - framed by two clubs at opposing ends of the County, one wearing tempestuous red, the other noble blue (and the occasional pink!). Southampton and Basingstoke have come to define Masters swimming in the South East of late, recognised at every level for quality, determination and of course – success!

Commonwealth Champion comes close at Long Course National Masters

For those old enough to remember, the Commonwealth Games of 2002 in Manchester were framed as Britain’s riposte to a sceptical global (and domestic!) sporting audience that claimed the Nation was no longer capable of hosting major sporting events.