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Commonwealth Champion comes close at Long Course National Masters

For those old enough to remember, the Commonwealth Games of 2002 in Manchester were framed as Britain’s riposte to a sceptical global (and domestic!) sporting audience that claimed the Nation was no longer capable of hosting major sporting events.

Masters maintain momentum at Royal Navy Masters meet for third year in a row

The start of 2015 has been unusually quiet for Masters, thanks largely to a reshuffling of key event dates leaving the first quarter of the year free aside from the South East Regionals back in early February. This prolonged intermission left several seasoned competitors somewhat skittish, the direct result being a stronger than usual turnout at the Royal Navy Masters meet in Millfield, Somerset.

Relay dominance brings Regional Success at Masters LC Championships.

Of all the improvements made last year in terms of medal tally and attendance for Southampton Masters, the South East Regional Long Course Championships stood out.

Masters alchemy turns Sheffield Steel into Southampton Gold

I’ve stated on several occasions that Southampton Masters is an extremely youthful squad when compared to its regional rivals – an average competitor age of approximately 30 years-old somewhat contradicts the common perceptions of a ‘Masters’ swimmer, and the ubiquitous labels of ‘over the hill / out-of-shape / head-up breaststroke only’ I’ve heard from several of our junior counterparts.