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Bennell’s hunger for global success at Budapest brings Bounty!

2016 saw the UK host the largest Masters Swimming event in living memory with the European Championship. Many competitors left the London Aquatics Centre with mixed emotions, some with pride and excitement at having competed on a continental stage in one of the most recognisable pools in the World…others, a sense of disappointment when faced with poor planning, scheduling, and overcrowding at what appeared to be avaricious intent on behalf of the Sport’s Governing body LEN.

End of season medal rush for trio of Southampton Masters

With the Masters World Championships a month away, the annual Rushmoor Royals Long Course Masters Meet certainly sparked wider interest in 2017 than in previous years. What started out at an end-of-season long course review become an over-subscribed, event- trimmed, nationally-attractive gathering of the over-25yrs. Late entries were considered two weeks ahead of official closing, meaning only certain races were left available – not so great if you weren’t a Butterfly swimmer!

Record-breaking Bennell takes Masters County medal collection over Century 

As in 2016, the annual Hampshire Masters Championships drew the weekend following the National Long Course Championships in Aberdeen – a tough order for those sacrificing family-time for both, but at least a trip to Portsmouth was a little more reasonable than the cusp of the Scottish Highlands!

Bennell brings Gold to the Silver City at National LC Masters

There have been some curious choices of venue for National Masters Long Course Championships over the years, with the honourable intention of sharing the event across the three home nations often resulting in considerable travel for many (Plymouth, Swansea, Manchester). However, 2017 saw a new benchmark - the selection of the most northern 50m pool in the UK!